Healing Rides... Bloomington-Normal, Illinois
Offering Healing Through Fresh Air and Sunshine

~ God Bless

Healing Rides

About the Program

riders6Healing Rides and Wesley United Methodist Church offers its riders and volunteers the opportunity to enjoy a day of fresh air and sunshine on The Constitution Trail in Bloomington-Normal. This program is FREE OF CHARGE to the rider, so with continued community support we hope to increase our number of available bikes and volunteers so more people can enjoy this service.

Volunteer Training

All volunteers must be trained and log ten trips on the trail before taking out a passenger.

Ride Start and Finish

Rides will start and  finish at 716 East Empire Street, Bloomington, IL 61701, head north to the Normal Parks and Recreation Connie Link Amphitheater, ....stop for a drink and some conversation, and return to the start. Each rider and volunteer can decide how long they want to take that day. The average ride will be about an hour. We will always have another biker with each ride in case of an emergency. Click here to schedule a ride!

Ride Schedule 2017

Begin: June 1 - End: Sept 30
Wednesday: 1-3PM
Thursday: 1-3PM
Friday: 1-3PM
Saturday: 1-3PM
Sunday: 1-3PM

Our Objectives

  • Provide fresh air and sunshine for our riders and volunteers
  • Encourage socialization and relationship building between rider and volunteers
  • Improve mood for the rider and volunteers

Guest Requirements

Waivers and Guest information forms may be downloaded on this site or they may be picked up at Wesley United Methodist Church...502 East Front Street Bloomington, IL 61701. If both of these options are not possible call Wesley United Methodist Church and talk to Molly. The number is 309-827-8046.
All documents must be completed before a ride may be taken. This is a one time requirement. You may ride as many times as you wish after that.

Healing Rides - Promotional Video

Healing Rides - Red Cross Volunteer Award Video

Illinois Wheelchair Bike Program Restores Health, Happiness One Ride at a Time

rails to trails articleOn a summery Saturday morning, 23-year-old T.J. sets out to ride a stretch of trail in his hometown of Bloomington, Illinois. As he gathers speed on the canopied straightaways of the Constitution Trail, he shouts for joy...

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Healing Rides at Wesley United Methodist Church Office
(309) 827-8046


716 E. Empire
Bloomington, IL 61701
The FIRST drive on the RIGHT West of Linden on Empire.



June through September
Tuesday through Sunday
1:00PM and 2:00PM